It gets away from you

Apr 19, 2016

Wow, it really has been a long time since I’ve been on here. Life really has a way of distracting and letting the little things get away from you. With the best of intentions I would like to keep up with this again, but I know I’m not very good at following through. A girl can dream.

Since last I wrote life has changed a lot. We added a bitty boy, M, to our family. We adore him. He’s my baby growly bear, but he’s almost a year old already, ┬ábelieve it or not. L is the best big sister you could ask for, and he admires her every move. Which is probably why he’s already walking (and climbing) everywhere. I can’t keep this busy boy down. It makes for an interesting and exhausting life right now.

We bought our first house last year. Finally, no more renting! L got to decorate her own room, purple for my girly princess. And I got to really decorate a nursery (whales). We found an awesome preschool for L. She loves it, and she’s learning so much. She has all the attitude that comes from being 4, and all the intelligence to keep it interesting.

K got a new job recently, and I dropped to part time. I still love what I do but I also love being mommy while the kids are still little. I may work less, but I don’t feel any less busy. I hope that eventually, when M is a bit older, I will have some time to myself to start digging into the things I’ve been wanting to learn, and really take advantage of fewer work hours to do some personal projects. At least for now I’m still working, which means I get to talk to adults regularly and I still feel productive. And I’m not losing my skills, which is important to me.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Hopefully I will be on here more often. I’ve let a lot of me things slide in the last year, and it’s time to get some of it back.


All of the Things

Feb 09, 2014

Ok, I know I’ve been slacking on the posts lately. I’m taking my pictures but I’ve been busy and distracted so I haven’t sat down to go through them and actually make a post. I will though… sometime… soonish.

This last week has been particularly crazy with ending my old job and starting the new on on Thursday. Super exciting but draining too. So far I’m really liking the new one. But it is a little tough leaving my little one. Luckily I have a wonderful mother who came to ease the transition for me, and watch Lucca for the first few days.

So there’s my update. I am a truly thankful girl right now, just also a busy distracted one.