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Welcome to Doom and Rainbows! We are a Terenas guild.


I was going to do some silly hello world post and explain my reasoning behind doing this, and try to be witty, and blah blah…look, you’re nodding off already.

1. Escha set up this sweet ass little blog space.

2. I fucking love to rant.

3. You were all saved horrific boredom by an anonymous screenshot I received. Of not our raid. God I’m glad they don’t play with us, they obviously don’t take their shit seriously.

Totally not our raid.  Honest.

Channel and names removed for the privacy of all involved.

I do believe this is proof that the OBP has been cheating on us with other 10 mans. We need to step up our game, send him some flowers or shit. Y’know, rekindle the romance.


Okay, now that I’ve suckered some of you in, I’d like to talk about something I feel very strongly about.

Light of Dawn and Holy Power.

Okay Edainne, did everybody else walk out yet? Yes? Good. How was your weekend?

So on the beta LoD has been changed to have zero cooldown, but is tied to Holy Power. This is, as I think we can all agree, unmitigated awesome. Before, it was a 30 sec CD. Kinda longish. Now, it’s up anytime you have the HP. (Fuckoff Hit Points. Share the goddamned acronym.) So, flexibility has gone waaaaaaay up. But that’s only the minor part.

Holy pallies just got a SECOND ability tied to HP. Finally. Some actual tension around the decision on how and when to use it. Y’know, as opposed to…say, ZERO tension. Go Pallies.

Target cap was reduced to 5 allies however. Personally, I’m fine with that. I’m possibly biased due to not running 25 mans. Aside from the occasional landscape glitch, (LoD does not work on ye olde loote shippe.) I think it’s coming together quite nicely. I would love to feel like HP wasn’t just a gauge I’m waiting to hit full on before using my abilities though. Not sure how to achieve that sadly.

So ya, before this runs any ridiculous amount longer, I shall step out. Oh ya, to anyone I lured here with cookies…Suck It. (Except you Edainne, because you totally did send us cookies that one time and they were awesome thank you so much and I’m sorry for tricking you here with promises of tasty deserts.)

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